The purpose of this work

Hatch’s mission is to support entrepreneurs to commercialise their innovative solutions in the global aquaculture market. We recognise that it is often difficult for entrepreneurs to understand the aquaculture market. It’s spread across several difficult-to-reach regions uses different farming systems with numerous species and is operated by farmers speaking different languages.  Recently, we have witnessed an increasing interest from entrepreneurs, investors, corporates and governments into seaweed aquaculture. 

With this project, we aim to help with all of the above, but primarily entrepreneurs, so stakeholders can quickly and understand the reality of today’s seaweed supply chain. We hope that it provides readers with valuable insights that can spur the development of better products, services and business models that help catalyse the adoption of innovation along the entire seaweed value chain. 

We have learned how diverse and fascinating the seaweed industry can be. In the future, we hope to see  more innovative approaches to the utilisation of seaweed – both in terms of species and  products and applications that are derived from seaweed.

"We chose to sponsor the Global Seaweed Study to help shine a light on the current state of seaweed production and ultimately help accelerate opportunities and innovations in the seaweed space. The team at Hatch Innovation Services has a track record of providing high quality work and insightful research, and this study is no exception. We believe this comprehensive research will be able to provide much needed visibility and transparency for the entire seaweed industry. We are excited for all the potential impacts and applications of this work, and we are hopeful that this study creates opportunities and generates ideas for entrepreneurs to further develop a sustainable seaweed ecosystem."

Els Thermote
Impact Investor and CEO @ the Nest Family Office

The Nest is a Belgian family office helping to contribute to a more resilient food system that is healthier, fairer, and better for the environment. We look to do this by investing and supporting initiatives across sustainable aquaculture, regenerative agriculture, and low emission proteins. To learn more about the work we do at The Nest, please visit our website.  

Looking for additional insights?​

Through this field work across five countries we gathered extensive data points and gained detailed regional knowledge that goes beyond what we presented in this report. Beyond the main species summarised here, we also visited farms that experimented with novel seaweed species and cultivation technology.

If you are looking for concrete information to accompany this report, don’t hesitate to  reach out to Karlotta Rieve, Project Manager and Author of this report.

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Through a combination of extensive in-field surveys in the major seaweed producing regions, market research on seaweed applications, and an assessment of ecosystem services, we provide insights into both supply and demand markets for the seaweed industry.

About Hatch Innovation Services

Hatch Innovation Services, the research and consulting unit of Hatch Blue, brings you this knowledge platform for the global seaweed industry. We provide insights into both supply and demand markets for the seaweed industry through a combination of extensive in-field surveys in major seaweed producing regions, market research on seaweed applications and assessments of the ecosystem services seaweed provides.

Hatch is a global venture and advisory company dedicated to supporting sustainable aquaculture innovation and development. We have offices in Norway, Singapore and Hawaii. Hatch Innovation Services is the consultancy arm of Hatch, advising corporate, investors and governments on innovation and investment projects in the global aquaculture industry.

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