Global Seaweed - New and Emerging Markets
Report 2023

comissioned and published by the World Bank Gorup

The Global Seaweed New and Emerging Markets Report 2023 has identified ten global seaweed markets with the potential to drive additional growth in seaweed production by 2030, beyond its current markets. Today, most farmed seaweed is used for direct human consumption, as fresh feed in aquaculture, or as hydrocolloids. However, seaweed-farmed products may be able to displace fossil fuels in sectors such as fabrics and plastics; can provide ecosystem services, such as carbon sequestration and nitrogen cycling; and can generate socioeconomic benefits in fragile coastal communities. Further, the market is currently dominated by a handful of Asian countries, which produce 98 percent of farmed seaweed by volume globally. Opportunities for growth in new regions and applications are high.